• Never Too Young

    Our favorite patients are children. Starting children early with Chiropractic care helps ensure they will be healthy and active. Parents bring their children to our office for a number of issues including wellness and prevention, colic, asthma, ear infections, colds, scoliosis, constipation and headaches.

  • Never Too Old

    Whether you've just celebrated your 100th birthday or just retired, age isn't a limiting factor for you to receive Chiropractic care. As we age, old slips, falls, accidents and poor posture can create pain and limit function. Our treatment options are designed to work well with seniors to keep them active.

  • Never Too Tall

    We all want to perform at our best. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional ball player or a weekend warrior. Over the years I have treated professional, amateur and recreational athletes. You can read how I address sports injuries on this website when I was a columnist for the Portland Press Herald.